1. We took our first step in Gaziantep in 1994.

  2. We expanded our exhibition and sales area by moving to our new working area in 2003.

  3. We opened our first branch in 2009.

  4. We received our first national brand franchise in 2010.

  5. The first of our affiliated companies was established in 2011.

  6. We continued to grow by adding a new one to our national brand distribution in 2012.


  7. Our second affiliated company was established in 2013.

  8. We doubled the number of our branches in 2015. Shortly after, we moved to the Organized Industrial Zone in order to meet the increasing demand and to provide a better and more professional service to our customers.

  9. We became one of the top 500 exporters of Turkey as affiliates in 2016.

  10.  We added our second brand to our product range in 2017.